The Meade StarNavigator 102 Refractor – Preprogrammed Star Charts

A Computerised Telescope For All Ages And So Easy To Use

The Meade StarNavigator 102 Refractor # 20099 Novice Telescope is appropriate for all ages. With its preprogrammed mapping of the night sky, this Meade computer-controlled telescope will have you checking out far-off stars in no time.

Looking at the stars is not all this durable telescope can assist you do. Even though it is a starter telescope, you can turn the StarNavigator 102 into an astrophotography electronic camera by simply replacing one of its eyepieces with a DSLR or dedicated huge camera.

The Makings of an Exceptional Starter Scope

The StarNavigator 102 is a refracting telescope, rather than a reflecting telescope, and uses a fixed lens instead of mirrors for collecting light. Refracting light with lenses usually triggers color distortion in the last images, but this Meade computer-controlled telescope overcomes such chromatic aberration by utilizing a lens shaped and covered to be achromatic.


This lens, the StarNavigator 102 consists of these crucial features:

  • Two Meade 1.25-inch eyepieces
  • A red dot viewfinder
  • A DS-2000 single-arm robotic altazimuth mount
  • An aluminum tripod with an accessory tray
  • A Meade AudioStar hand controller with Astronomer Inside technology
  • A biological rhythm

You’ll likewise discover a copy of AutoStar Suite Astronomer Edition software application and training products on DVD bundled with the Meade computer-controlled telescope. The StarNavigator 102 has an internal battery pack that takes 8 AA batteries (not included), so you don’t need to plug in the telescope to a main supply.

What Is GoTo?

Right from the box, the StarNavigator 102 understands the night sky. This makes lining up the telescope and its preliminary setup easy and uncomplicated. After turning on the telescope and going through its short alignment procedure, you can right away take it on an assisted trip of the sky. To make it simple to accurately discover any of the 30,000 holy things in its internal memory, Meade equipped it with a function called GoTo.

With GoTo, you merely advise the telescope to go to a selected item. When set off from the hand control, the StarNavigator 102 slides into position and trains itself on the holy things you selected.


AutoStar is the name of the astronomy software application consisted of with this Meade computer-controlled telescope. It is PC software application that displays a number of comprehensive sky charts as well as the Hubble Space Telescope guide stars. The software is likewise essential for turning the StarNavigator 102 into an astroimaging electronic camera.

Measuring a Telescope

The core hardware of any telescope is its optics. Skilled astronomers look at the spec sheet of a telescope in order to understand its abilities. For a novice’s telescope, the optics in the StarNavigator 102 are fairly impressive. The telescope has a lens with these specifications:

  • Size of 102 mm, or 4 inches
  • Focal length of 800 mm
  • Focal ratio of f/7.7.

The other optics built into the scope’s tube are the red dot viewfinder and 2 eyepieces. The first eyepiece, an MA25mm, has a magnification of 32x, while the 2nd, an MA9mm, has a zoom of 89x.

The Meade StarNavigator 102 Refractor # 20099 Novice Telescope is not just an outstanding very first telescope for striving astronomers, however a good backup telescope for experienced stargazers. Unlike barebones starter telescopes, the StarNavigator 102 packs includes generally reserved for more costly telescopes and functions as a ready camera for astronomy photography. If you cannot quite choose which of a variety of Meade telescopes for sale to begin your astronomy hobby with, think about taking the StarNavigator 102 out for a spin.

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